How To Roast A Pig - Top Tips

1. Go Organic.
Organically farmed pigs produce the best hog roasts. The reasions behind this are pretty straightforward. The organically farmed pig has a more varied diet, and as they say, you are what you eat, so if you can afford it, go for an organic pig.

2. Ask Around.
If your sourcing you pig from an organic pig farmer, ask him for his advice because there's a pretty good chance he'll have done this once or twice himself.


3. The Fuel.
The all important fire, you can use charcoal or hardwoods, as I've described with the smokers the hardwoods will give a better flavour to the pig but are a little harder to regulate. It may also be a problem getting your hands on enough hardwood. Alternatively use charcoal, its plentiful, easy to regulate and will still infuse the meat with a nice flavour.

4. The Stuffing.
A good stuffing can really accentuate the meal and add flavour to the meat. Apples and breadcrumbs, sausage meat, and nuts are all great stuffing.

5. While Cooking.
While you're cooking the animal, pay special attention to the belly. The last thing you want is the stitching burning and all you're carefully prepared stuffing landing all over the fire! Baste the animal and particularly the belly stitching regularly to avoid this.